We believe first impressions count

We’ve been filling out intake forms for decades, and we all have the same gripe …. it could be better. So we put some time, energy and money creating just that. Our mission is to revolutionize the guest intake experience in the spa & wellness industry.


The Team

Our team is stacked with talent and we’re passionate about our work.

Guest Intake was founded by an industry leader who caters to spas focused on taking their business to the next level.


The Product

Let’s modernize the guest intake
experience together!

Our platform makes it simple to bring your paper-based intake process into the digital world where it is easily shared with your customers, securely managed and stored in the cloud.


Better Together

Using our API you can build pretty much anything – some developer skill and imagination required!

We’re always looking for good solutions and partners, and are happy to help throughout the process of becoming a certified partner.

Get in touch

Questions, ideas, or feedback? Don’t be shy, we’re a friendly bunch.
Reach out to us through any of the usual ways and we’ll get back to you shortly.